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Blacksmith: Blacksmithing Fundamentals, A

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Heritage blacksmith Don MacKay, was inspired by a lack of blacksmithing books dedicated to the beginner-where important elements are taken for granted because they forgot what it was to be a beginner. MacKay stresses the importance of using sound ageless technique without the need for modern tools.

Also available on CD (CD795). This is handy for printing out pages and projects!

192 Pages, 8-1/2 x 11 (Paperback)

Item #: BK795

Section 1 covers the Aspects of Blacksmithing, such as shop set-up, blacksmithing tools, building a forge, fuel and design and looks at three shops that predate the 20th century. Section 2, Techniques and Procedures, delves into hammer technique, heating principles, forge welding including a new technique of forge welding: the round scarf. Section 3, has 21 progressive lessons with photos and articulate descriptive step-by-step instructions. Section 4, References, brings together essential information ranging from forge welding flux recipes from the 1800's, tables on metals, etc.

For the past 22 years, MacKay has used ageless techniques and worked daily with period tools either in an 1843 blacksmith shop located at Jones Falls, Ontario, or on the road with an 1800's portable British military forge traveling to various cities, towns and villages throughout Eastern Ontario. 21 lessons and over 100 pictures and diagrams.

Book is also available on CD, allowing you to print out pages for separate use.