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Kerckhaert, Workhorse Draft Lite

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Responding to the North American market’s demand for lighter shoes without clips, Kerckhaert revived the unclipped 3/8" x 1-1/8" (28x10 mm) series. The shapes correspond to the natural shape of the draft horse available in front and hind patterns. Shoes are symmetrical.

Punched for Regular head nails.

Item #: 5WHF2810, 6WHF2810, 7WHF2810, 8WHF2810

Item #: 5WHH2810, 6WHH2810, 7WHH2810, 8WHH2810

It was in 1916 that Kerckhaert produced the Work Horse model draft horseshoe. Today the WH series has expanded to provide sections and sizes for the worldwide needs of farriers. There's a style to suit both workhorses and carriage sport horses, worldwide.

Standard Kerckhaert material produced under license exclusively for Kerckhaert ensures quality, every time you buy. With the trademark Kerckhaert patented bevel, the finish reduces the risk of pulling off shoes.  The material ensures perfect re-shaping whether hot or cold and provides excellent wear. Farriers comment on how great these last. The shape is designed specifically with toe clip in mind, so this shape is made to fit, with little altering needed.