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Evolve introduces Equicart, a two-step health and repair system for equine joints. It features pure, human grade shark cartilage from the arctic waters of Japan.

In the first step, the shark cartilage in Equicart inhibits the formation of new blood vessels in the joint (which produce inflammation), prohibiting further damage. Then, once inflammation is halted, the shark cartilage (high in glycosaminoglycans) helps the body repair damaged joints, including soft tissue and cartilage regeneration.

Backed by clinical research, Equicart is a strong anti-inflammatory and offers a natural alternative to Bute (phenylbutazone).  Equicart also does not adversely affect the horse's digestive system and so can be used to support joint health long-term.  Equicart was successfully used in the 1996 Olympics Hunter/Jumper, and is endorsed by both the American and British Jockey clubs for its success in treating bone and joint inflammation.

Equicart also includes glucosamine, chondroitin, bosweilia, and hyaluronic acid.  It is flavored with organic wheat grass and contains no additives.

This is a dietary supplement that is added to feed. Use 5-15 grams daily (1-3 scoops)

90 Servings per container
Protein:    1780mg
Calcium:    985mg
Phosphorus:    455mg

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