Equi Aid Psyllium Pellets, 5 lb

Equi Aid
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99% pure psyllium seed husk as a multi-active fiber designed to increase ration bulk. Helps prevent sand colic. This pellet formula is made by Equi Aid for Thompson's Veterinary Supplies with their label on it. But it is the same Equi Aid formula.

For horses that do consume some quantity of sand, sand removal treatment with psyllium is a viable option. Historically there have been four problems with most psyllium treatments, not enough psyllium within the product administered, not enough product administered at each dosing, not a long enough or regular enough treatment period and the lack of clearance due to altered colonic motility. This new pelleted psyllium product has just become available. The investment in management changes and psyllium treatment can result in a healthier and less colic prone horse.

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