Pieh Tool Ball Stake, 2-3/8 in.

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Our Ball Stake is 2-3/8" and are about 7" tall. It is machined of 1018 Cold Rolled Steel Bar.

For use in a Pexto Style Stake Plate. 

Made in USA

Item #: BS3TM

These stakes are far superior to the cast iron stakes that are often filled with hidden porosity.  The natural porosity that occurs with cast iron stakes is often uncovered during use, or filled in and polished out during the manufacturing process.  Using solid cold rolled steel bar insures a perfect surface for your work, and gives you an excellent base for any improvements you wish to make on the quality of the polish.

It has a 1” shank tapering to 3/4". This stake can be used for shaping & forming all types of metal. Used in jewelry making and blacksmithing or any kind of metal forming, including car, motorcycle, and art metal sculpture.

Our stakes come with a highly polished, mirror-like finish that can be enhanced by further polishing.  The polishing of these stakes is a labor-intensive process and for that reason, they are polished to a certain point to keep them affordable. Professional results can be achieved with no additional finishing. To keep your stakes from rusting, wrap them with an oiled cloth when not in use.