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The Pieh Tool Snarling Irons are hand forged from Spring Steel.

Used for reaching into vessels during production or repair.

Made in USA.

Small:     1/4" ball x 14" long

Medium: 1/2" ball x 14" long

Large:      3/4" ball x 14" long

Item #: SN1/4TM, SN1/2TM, SN3/4TM

Snarling irons are used to reach interior spaces for forming or repairing vessels.  Mount the end with the 90-degree bend in a vise, with the bent end pointed down so the polished working end is pointed up. You Then place your working piece, such as a vessel like a bowl or a pot, over the hard to reach area you wish to work on.  Strike the snarling iron, with a hammer or a tool, a few inches away from the vise, and the polished working end will move up in response.