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Pieh Legacy Collection!

Produce easy beautiful leaves when used together with the Victory Forge Butt Tool.  First forge your leaf, perhaps with our leaf blank swage., then lay and center bottom side of leaf over the Leaf Sink Tool. Use a veining chisel, and make the vein in your leaf by sinking in the crease of the tool.

(It is recommended to hold the Leaf Sinking Tool with a Hold Down by utilizing your round pritchel hole in your anvil.)

Heat the piece back up and turn over. Lay the piece in wood, such as a stump, and use the Butt Tool over the raised crease you just made. Strike the Butt Tool with a hammer sinking the leaf into the wood.

If you would like more instruction on making leaves consider taking our 3 day blacksmithing class.

Used for forging leaves.

Item #: VFBTool