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Natural Balance Shoeing

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This video is designed to give individuals interest in Natural Balance products and Sole Support Impression Material. Use instructions are provided for horses with mismatched feet, under-run and contracted heels, as well as horses that are base narrow or pigeon toed and how to recognize hoof distortions and explain how they relate to performance and lameness issues. Possible causes for hoof distortions and guidelines on how to correct them and prevent them from a simple, common sense perspective are covered.

Disk 1 includes lecture and dialog covering information on anatomy and biomechanics of the foot, then into detailed hoof preparation and shoe placement for fairly normal feet, both front and hind applications. In Disk 2 equal detail is covered on how to deal with clubbed or mismatched feet, under-run & contracted heels, and pigeon toed feet.

3 hours, 2 DVD Set

Item #: DVD64