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Delta Challenger TS7 Shoes

Delta Mustad
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The Delta Challenger is a flat steel creased horseshoe with a full toe for longer wear. Has built in sole relief with a nail hole placement for thin walled horses.
*The TS7 is similar to the Kerkhaert SX7 horseshoe and is considered a "light" shoe.

We challenge you to find better all around turned steel horseshoes with truer fit, longer wear, and greater performance in both front and hind patterns.Their full toes simply last longer than the competition, their balanced shape means less time on the anvil, they relieve pressure on the sole and the nail holes are perfect for thin walled hooves.

Delta Challenger shoes are punched for CH5 Nail

Name A B C D E
4*0 DELTA CHALLENGER TS7 FRONT 111 110 17.5 324 7
3*0 DELTA CHALLENGER TS7 FRONT 117 116 18 324 7
2*0 DELTA CHALLENGER TS7 FRONT 124 122 18 343 7
0 DELTA CHALLENGER TS7 FRONT 130 128 18 356 7
1 DELTA CHALLENGER TS7 FRONT 136 133 18.5 368 7
2 DELTA CHALLENGER TS7 FRONT 142 139 18.5 381 7

Item #: TS7-F40, TS7-F30, TS7-F20, TS7-F0, TS7-F1, TS7-F2

Item #: TS7-H40, TS7-H30, TS7-H20, TS7-H0, TS7-H1, TS7-H2