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Super Wool, 1 inch

Thermal Ceramics
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This is our most popular Kao Wool cerablanket and is used in most gas forges.

Our Super Wool™ cerablanket from Thermal Ceramics is 1" thick 8 lb and comes in 25' long x 24" wide rolls (50 sqft.)  We sell it by the linear foot.

Super Wool™ is often used to insulate high temperature furnaces, kilns and in the building of gas forges.

It has a very low density and high purity. It features a maximum temperature rating of 2400°F (1316°C). The blanket can be cut with a scissors making it possible to cut different shapes.  Most of our customers use it to line their forges or furnaces and is often left uncoated. Super Wool™ can be coated with a hard refractory to protect it from physical damage and creating airborne refractory dust. ITC-100 is commonly used but is not 100% resistant to poking with sharp objects. A coating of refractory cement or patching compound such as ITC-200 is recommended in hard use areas followed by a coating of ITC-100. If you are interested in purchasing this coating please contact us and we will refer you to someone.

Click here to download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet):  

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damages to your health in relation to your use of this product. Please follow safe practices when installing and working around Super Wool™.
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