Limited Supply Amit Har-Lev is unable to produce hammers anymore. These are now a collectible tool. We hope to find a new source for our hammers soon.

Legacy Ergo, 1 lb. Straight Pein Hammer

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Introducing our newest addition to the Pieh Legacy Series: the Ergo Legacy Signature Series is available in 5 styles. Rounding, Straight Pein, Cross Pein, Diagonal Pein and Ball Pein hammer!  Raising, Repouse' and Driving hammers are suitable to all skill levels and are perfect for the traditional and modern blacksmith and  knifemaker. Tinsmith and farrier hammers are coming soon, 

Our Ergonomic Hammers are designed to move metal fast. Their compact head allows the hammer to be worked at extreme angles.

*Tip: If you should break a handle simply heat the hammer at the cheeks slowly and carefully and the old handle can be removed.

Because these hammers are hand forged, their head weights will vary. For instance a 2 lb hammer may actaully weigh 4-6 oz less after shaping and drift the eye. .

*Also see the Rounding Hammer section for more Legacy Hamers.

Made in the USA.
Exclusive to the Pieh Legacy Collection

Item #s: PTLS.1

Each handle is ground and fit from straight grain aged hickory. The hammer handle is glued using a modern Polyurethane adhesive. This has the advantage of being able to flex during humidity and temperature changes which should give you many years of trouble free performance without the head loosening. You should always take the time to fit the handle to your hand.

Like all hand forged items each is unique and the overall weight and shape will vary slightly.

We use 1045 steel in our hammers, Rockwell 50-55 hardness.

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