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Grand Circuit Shaper 8mm

Grand Circuit
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A steel shoe with the shape most like the natural shape of a horse's hoof before being distorted by ground pressure. Available in clipped and unclipped, Grand Circuit sizes 5-12. For balanced motion, ease of fit and most natural motion for the horse.

Sold by the pair or in boxes of 15 pair.

Front Item #:  GCS8-F5, GCS8-F6, GCS8-F7, GCS8-F8, GCS8-F9, GCS8-F10, GCS8-F11, GCS8-F12

Hind Item #:  GCS8-H5, GCS8-H6, GCS8-H7, GCS8-H8, GCS8-H9, GCS8-H10, GCS8-H11, GCS8-H12