NB Perforated Pad

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  • Description

The NB Perforated Pad is a lightweight pad with holes molded into the center of the pad to help hold various sole support materials in the foot. The Perf Pad can be used like a screen pad for injectable urethanes or silicone materials, or as a simple rim pad that does not leave the frog completely unsupported. As a treatment tool, the wedged Perf Pad can be used right-side-up to change the hoof angle like a wedged rim pad, or up-side-down as a cradle pad to support a prolapsed frog in a horse with a negative plane coffin bone angle.

Indications for Use of the NB Pads

- As a screen pad to hold injectable support materials in the foot

- Light-weight rim pad that does not leave the frog unsupported
- Negative Palmar/Plantar Coffin Bone Angles where the Frog is Prolapsed and needs a recessed area for the frog to sit

Styles & Sizes

- Regular FLAT (use with shoe size 00 - 1)

- Regular WEDGE (use with shoe size 00 - 1)

- Large FLAT (use with shoes size 2 - 6)

- Large WEDGE (use with shoe size 2 - 6)

* These Pads are protected under U.S. Patents