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SX8 Heart Bar Front, Quarter Clipped

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The SX8 Heart Bar shoes are carefully fabricated using the Kerckhaert shoes and the same steel for the bars. Available in a variety of styles, these bar shoes have become the most popular brand in North America. The SX8 is used in a variety of disciplines, especially where strength and good support are required.

Shoes are symmetrical (shoe fits left or right).

Punched for 5 City and 5 Slim nails.

Price per pair.

Item #:  HBS8F20, HBS8F0, HBS8F1, HBS8F2, HBS8F3, HBS8F4

Farrier Product Distribution finished bar shoes are made by FPD from Kerckhaert SX8 horseshoes.  These products have been developed and produced to specifications and standards suitable for the professional market.