Black Magic Welding Flux, 2 lb

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  • Description

  • Sticks at a black heat
  • Easy Cleanup, No Residue
  • Works Great in Coal or Gas Forges

This flux sticks to your work even at a black heat, does not foam and fall off.  Does not make a mess of your forge or your fire.

  1. For a lap weld, simply dip the two ends you want to join into the flux when they are hot. The flux will stick to the work and then you are ready to put them into the fire and bring them to welding heat.
  2. You don't need a lot of flux for a good weld.
  3. Use a flux spoon for pieces that won't fit in the can, sprinkle the flux on, or roll the weld area in the flux on your spoon.

After your weld is complete there is not need to wire brush to remove the flux, it is gone!

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