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Founder Data Collection and Analysis

Esco Buff
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Esco Buff

The Founder Data Collection and Analysis - How to Take, Read and Interpret Radiographs for the Prognosis and Treatment of the Foundered Horse
This is perhaps the most comprehensive book to date on how to take, read and interpret radiographs for the prognosis and treatment of the foundered horse. Chapter discuss: Emergency First Aid -before treatment begins. Radiograph Techniques - to help aid in the assessment and prognosis of the foundered horse, How to Collect and Document Data - from the radiographs with the aid of the founder Form, How to Determine Prognosis - and the chances the horse will return to soundness, Shoeing the Foundered Horse - how to use the radiographs to successfully shoe the foundered horse, and After Care Instructions.

107 Pages, 8 1/4 x 5 1/2" (Softcover)

Item #: BK843