VFT Denmark Sanding Unit, Double Sided (Soft)

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Are you concerned about waste? Now you can use the same rasp over and over and just replace the sandpaper...which you can burn.

Smooth finishing cushioned sanding block with tang which fits a rasp handle. With Velcro fixing for sanding belts that allows changing in seconds.

This model gives the possibility to use to different grits at the same time, or use the same grit on both sides, to have a longer working time between changing belts.

This tool is a must for farriers who are looking to maximize that ultra fine finish to the hoof wall.

Delivered with 3 sanding belts (1 x #60, 1 x #120 and 1 x #220)

You may also order the optional Rasp Handle that is designed specifically for this unit. Red or Black colors will be chosen randomly

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Item #: VFTDS.S