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No-Vibe Thoro'Bred Aluminum Legacy Queen XT, Fronts

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The LEGACY QUEENS PLATE XT FRONT was based upon their Traditional Queens XT, with all the added features packed into the Legacy Series. The hardened steel XT toe grab protrudes .080″ (2mm) above the aluminum surface for additional traction.

The LEGACY Series is thicker, wider and stronger than traditional racing plates and the tapered sole relief is improved to help reduce sole pressures and bruising. Now with more nail holes for increased nailing options, an improved overall shape and deeper fullering to keep nail heads tight.

The LEG SAVER bonded No-Vibe pad is made of tough, but resilient rubber which is vulcanized directly onto the sole of the shoe. LEG SAVERS are designed to help in the reduction of sole bruising and also to help alleviate pain in tender-footed horses.

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Race and Performance horses are being over-stressed by the very high energy loads into their hooves, joints and bones.  The No-Vibe Horseshoe reduces  "hitting-the-ground" energy loads by as much as 40%.

No-Vibe Horseshoes have been tested in the laboratory and on the track.  The results are conclusive.  Metal horseshoes that are bonded with the No-Vibe technologically advanced vibration and shock absorbing pads reduce damaging shock load.

Look for the "yellow shoes" on horses in the Winner's Circle.  No-Vibe Horseshoes have been worn by winners of numerous Triple Crown Races, Breeders' Cup Races, and Graded Races.

Performance and Endurance Horses also benefit from the shock-absorbing characteristics of the No-Vibe Horseshoe.