Center Punch Marking Tool and Inserts

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Durable Technologies Center Punch Marking Tool with its spring loaded action requires only hand pressure to make a mark. Quick change inserts are available to create alphanumeric character center punches, symbols center punches, or a custom logo center punch. Overall length of tool is 6” including insert. The Center Punch Tool can also be integrated into a fixture for making a pass/fail mark, machine code, or other identification.

Inserts are Available with One, Two or Three Alphanumeric characters:

center punch
•Single Character Insert (3/16” character or smaller)
•Two Character Insert (3/32” character or smaller)
•Three Character Insert (1/16” character or smaller)

Over 600 Special Symbols are Available as well as Custom Logos:
•Symbol Insert (1/8" or smaller)

Custom Punch Marking Tool Item #: 20-151000

Symbol Inserts Item #: 12-0A064/SYMBOL, 12-0B064/SYMBOL, 12-0C064/SYMBOL

Character Insert Border Item #: 12-0A064/BORDER, 12-0B064/BORDER, 12-0C064/BORDER, 12-0D064/BORDER

Single Character Insert Item #: 12-0A064/1CHAR, 12-0B064/1CHAR, 12-0C064/1CHAR, 12-0D064/1CHAR, 12-0E064/1CHAR

Two Character Insert Item #: 12-0A064/2CHAR, 12-0B064/2CHAR

Three Character Insert Item #: 12-0A064/3CHAR