Cody James Dymondback Complete (blade & frame)

Cody James
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  • You can do at least 3 times the amount of horses than the average rasp, making it the cheapest rasp on the market. Just replace the blade when needed, not the frame.
  • Will not clog
  • Patented blade design uses a light polishing action that is easy on the wrists, elbows & shoulders
  • There are 3 different blade grade options: Fine, Medium & Most Aggressive.
  • Over a thousand easy cutting teeth give the Dymondback its edge.
    •The handle is not included.
  • An optional end cap is available for added hand protection.
  • Totally made in the USA with the highest quality American steel

Includes: frame, blade and tang.

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There are a total of 12 Hot to Use the Dymondback Rasp videos. We have listed three. Once on YouTube you will be able to choose more to view.

Video: Dymondback Rasp in Use Part 1

Video: Dymondback Rasp in Use Part 2

Video: Dymondback Rasp in Use Part 3

Fine Grade Blade Item #: CJDCF

Medium Grade Blade Item #: CJDCM

Aggressive Grade Blade Item #: CJDCA



WHAT AN AWESOME TOOL ! Bought a medium cut on Sat. WOW ! It floats


I am not pro trimmer but the best rasp I have ever used


To all the farrier on here I love this rasp i have over 265 horses on mine and still going strong


Best rasp ever made! I have only done about 20 horses so far with it. It has made the work so much faster and easier


I love the rasp I bought it is well worth the money I've done 30 horses with it and it's still sharp love a good investment for any shoer out there.