blacksmith forge model h.300c

Blacksmith S.N.C. Model H - 2 Burner Dual Valve Forge (LP Gas)

Blacksmith SNC
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A Top of the Line Forge! If you want quality with great function and flexibility this forge is for you!

The Model H is a 2 Burner Propane. It has a generous heating chamber with one front door. The door also contains a bar stock port and the firebox ends include two ports allowing for long metal bar to extend beyond the forge or be placed inside.

The dual valve two burners may be regulated separately.  The insulation and solid housing are superb for heat retention and the forge easily reached welding temperature.



  • Max Temperature: 2,912 F (1600 C)
  • Insulation: 2 inches
  • 3 Bar stock ports (1 in door)
  • 1 Front Door
  • Durable well insulated forge housing

External dimensions:

  • Width: 18.11"
  • Depth: 15.75"
  • Height:14.96"

Heating chamber dimensions:

  • Width: 12.20"
  • Depth:  9.25"
  • Height: 3.94"

Weight: 82.67 lbs

Made in Italy

Item #: 79305