Iron Mountain Radius Block Hardy

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This tool is approx.4" high including the hardy post and 2" square  across the forming surface. This tool is used by many different craftsman in lots of different trades to form and swage materials. The block is used for necking a specific radius on your project to save the edges of the anvil. The block has 4 sides with increasing radius from sharp to 3/8". This tool can be used with a top set or ball pien hammers to bend draw and tenon materials and any other free forming you may come up with. The tool is made of tough 60/45/18 ductile iron.  These castings have been produced for many years and  have proven to be very reliable and useful. This tool is offered with a 1" hardy post.  All tools are new and in very good condition. Casting weighs approx.4 lbs. Made in the USA!

Item # IM-RB1000, IM-RB1125