Iron Mountain Butt Plate, Swage Block 1

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This swage block is 4" long and 2" wide and has a 1" wide by 7/8" deep forming radius'. This tool was originally designed for preforming a brass butt plate for muzzle loading rifles. The tool has been proven very useful for other projects also. The swage is made of tough 60/45/15 ductile iron. The swage has a 3/4'' bar on the underside to use on your post vise or modify to use on your anvil. The swage is used by Blacksmiths and Tinsmiths to form round stock for tenons or making curls on thinner stock, etc.. These swages have been produced for many years and have proven to be very reliable and useful. Casting weighs approx. 5 lbs. Made in the USA!


Item # IM_SB1