Iron Mountain Pexto Stake Plate, Large (3 holes)

Iron Mountain Forge
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This is thicker and more durable than most pexto plates from the past.
 Pexto Style Stake Plate

The stake plate is approx. 11” long and 8 1/2" wide and has two pexto tapers that measure 1 9/16" at the widest point and tapers down to 1 3/16" at the bottom. The taper is almost 2" deep and almost 1/2" thick all around.  The plate has three mounting holes to secure in you bench.

The plate also has a 1 1/8 x 1 3/4 hardy hole for other tools. The plate is 1/2" thick and will hold up nicely for years to come. The tools are made of tough 60/45 ductile iron. 

These castings have been produced for many years and have proven to be very reliable and useful. We have several different products in our catalog that is used in this tool.

Casting weighs approx.12 lbs.  Made in the USA!

Item # IM-STPL