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KNIVES 2020, 40th Edition: The World’s Greatest Knife Book

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KNIVES 2020, 40th Edition: The World’s Greatest Knife Book

Paperback - 10.9" x 8.2"

There’s a reason the KNIVES books have endured for 40 years. the knives themselves, KNIVES 2020 is built to last. It’s sure to favorite you’ll open up again and again.

* Features on how to start a knife collection, tips for buying/selling through custom knife dealers, what hardness numbers mean and articles from today’s top knife experts.

* Damascus, scrimshaw, swords, Hmong knives, karambits, sawbacks, Wharncliffes, bushcraft blades, blades under inches, inlays, jewels, mammoth teeth, swords of ancient Greece and much, much more.

* A special tribute to the late Ken Warner, the visionary behind the KNIVES books that forged the modern knife industry.

About KNIVES 2020

Knives are humankind’s oldest and most essential tool, but that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in prehistory. Today’s custom knives are functional works of art, representing not just days, weeks or years of hard work, but millennia of refinement. To hold a knife created by a master of the knifemaking craft in your hands is an experience that can transport you other times and places, awakening something deep inside.

The next best thing to holding one of these masterpieces for yourself is this book, KNIVES 2020. The 40th edition of this renowned series showcases in brilliant, full-color photographs the absolute best custom knives on the planet. From the hottest trends like flipper folders and beautiful chef’s knives, to the trusty favorites like classy slip joints and utility hunters, the knives included here are more than worthy of the 40th anniversary of The World’s Greatest Knife Book.

When you’re ready to take your knife enthusiasm to the next level, use the industry-standard Custom Knifemaker Directory to contact the brilliant knifemakers who create these wonders of steel.

Table of Contents


2020 Wooden Sword Award


Making of the Montana Mafia
Willie and the Goat Boy Weren’t Playin’
Great Filework Tells Its Own Story
Hmong Bush Knives Prove Efficient Cutters
Bronze Swords Speak to an Age of Heroes
Designing Production Tactical Knives
Fierce Demand for Flipper Folders
Don’t Rely Too Much on Hardness Numbers
Get The Most Out Of Your Knife Collecting Hobby
Should You Be Buying From Custom Knife Dealers?

Trends Section

Flips of Fancy
Fresh Folder Locks
Tactical & Practical
Blades a-Burly
Decked Out Daggers
Hordes of Swords
Steel Laminates
A Westinghouse, Rag & Antique Micarta Comeback
Utility Hunters and Skinners
Top Chefs
Slip Points
Fly Blades
Your Daily Carbon Fiber
Looking for a Fighter
Mammoth & Damascus
Buoy the Bowie

State of the Art Section

Alluring Draw of Scrimshaw
Carved Carvers
Damascus Still Attracts Us
Jewels of the Knife
Sculptures that Cut
Likeable Inlays
The Finest of Filigree
Exquisitely Engraved
Mouthwatering Mosaics

Factory Trends Section

Return of the Sporting Knives
Flippin’ Over Flippers
Karambits of Cut
The Under 2-Inch-Blade Crowd
“Totally Saw-Some” Sawbacks
And “Wow-Some” Wharncliffe Blades
Break Out the Bushcraft Blades


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Knifemakers State-by-State
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