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The Easyboot Cloud is not intended for riding or exercise.

Easyboot Cloud

The Easyboot Cloud is a therapy hoof boot designed to give comfort and support to horses with laminitis, thin soles, abscesses, or founder. The Cloud boot aids in recovery after workouts or strenuous exercise, relieves the stresses of shipping, offers stability while trailering, and eases the stress of stalling on hard surfaces. Cloud therapy boots provide instant and ongoing relief for chronic lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems. Not intended for riding or exercise (therapy use only).

*Sold individually

*EVA Comfort Pad with a 2-degree wedge is included.

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Easyboot Cloud - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q What is this boot used for?

A The Cloud is used as a therapeutic system to give comfort and support to thin soles, and relief from the pain of abscesses, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, to speed recovery after workouts, and stalling on hard surfaces.

Q Are these boots Left and Right specific?

A No. Each boot is sold individually, but it's always a good idea to establish a Left and a Right.

Q What is the difference between the Easyboot Cloud and the Rx?

A The Easyboot Cloud is more robust, and comes in a greater number of sizes. A wedge-shaped closed-cell EVA pad is included in every boot, and may be replaced as needed.

Q Can I turn my horse out in the Easyboot Cloud?

A The Easyboot Cloud is suitable for light turnout, no more than an acre.

Q Can I ride in this boot?

A We do not recommend that this boot be used for riding.

Q Does it come with padding?

A Each Cloud boot is sold with a replaceable wedge-shaped closed-cell EVA pad.

Q Can I use different pads in the Cloud boot?

A Flat Comfort pads may be used, but doing so may change the way the boot fits your horse. The TheraPad can be used in this boot as well.

Q Are the pads replaceable?

A The pads may be purchased separately under the Accessories section of the EasyCare website. Replacement pads are sold in pairs.

Q Can the Cloud pads be used in a different boot style?

A Each pad is pre-cut to accompany the corresponding size boot. The pads are therefore specific to the boot model and size only, and cannot be used with other boots or other sizes of the same boot model. However, they do work in the Stratus.

Q How do I clean them?

A Clean your boots with mild soap and water and let them air dry completely before putting them back on the horse. The hook and loop straps can be cleaned with a wire brush. We recommend keeping the hook and loop material as clean as possible to ensure the fastening system works properly.

Q Can I use the Therapy Click System with this boot?

A Yes. The Cloud is compatible with the Therapy Click System.

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