Copper Belt Rivets #12

Clendenin Brothers
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Copper rivets also make great fasteners for blacksmiths on items such as cup holders, coat racks etc. The copper adds nice color to a piece of ironwork and their uses are many. The shanks are tapered and available in 8, 10, 12 and 14 gauge copper wire.




Approximate Qty per Box 

5/8 in.

 .137 in. to .123 in.

215 pcs

3/4 in.

.137 in. to .123 in.

183 pcs

  1 in.

.137 in. to .123 in.

143 pcs

 Packaged in a 1 lb box. 

 Item #: 9B1232, 9B1240, 9B1248 and 9B1264