Replacement Peddinghaus Conical Hammer Wedges

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Peddinghaus conical wedges hold heads securely on handles. The edges are are sharp and tapered allowing the conical to be wedged into the hammer handle.  If you are not sure what wedge goes with your hammer, please call us and we will try to assist you.

You must use two wedges when replacing handles for the following Peddinghaus hammers: items #5028025000 Straight Pein Sledge 5000 Gr, #5027025000 Cross Pein Sledge 5000 Gr, and #5286023000 Stone Sledge 3000 Gr.

Failure to do so could result in the head coming off and possibly causing injury!

Item #: 7112775300, 7112775600, 7112775800, 7112775900, 7112776100, 7112776200, 7112776300 or 7112776400