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With normal use, Flatland Forge tools are designed to mushroom slightly at the striking end of the tool (or top of the tool), and should be dressed back with a file or grinder depending on amount of use. 

The top of the tool is tempered to reduce the chances of chips flying off the tool when struck by an off (or wild) blow from a hardened hammer face. It takes a little more time and expertise, but makes it a safer tool.

Item #: FFP

The working ends of the tools are hardened for maximum wear. This does not mean that they will last forever! But, with regular care and maintenance, these tools should last you a long time. So keep the working end of the tool COOL as you drive it into hot steel. Don't let the tools get extremely dull, keep them sharp by using a file. Don't drive them into the anvil. Hit them solid and square. Off blows from the hammer are usually the reason forging tools get wrecked.

We will warranty our tools against manufacturing defects by gladly replacing any tool that has chips on the striking surface of the tool and handles that break at the weld.

Not Covered:
Chips on the working end of the tools are caused by driving the tool into the anvil. If the tool has not been to badly damaged, it can be dressed back with a file.

Mushrooming on the working end is caused by the tool being to hot. Keep the tools cool by constantly dipping them in a quench medium such as forshner's, bees wax, or soap. Do not under any circumstance use water. If the tool has not been deformed excessively, it can be dressed back with a file to a functional tool again.