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Thoro'Bred Aluminum Low Toe, Fronts

Thoro Bred
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The LOW TOE is used on hard or fast tracks. It provides traction with less strain on tendons and ligaments. Available in fronts only. 5 Nail Holes
Pattern in sizes 5 - 6 - 7 - 8.

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Item #: 1LTF3, 1LTF4, 1LTF5, 1LTF6, 1LTF7, 1LTF8

All of Thoro'Bred racing plates and competition shoes are made from prime aluminum to military specifications, aircraft grade quality. No secondary material is used in any of their products. They guarantee the finished products to meet those aircraft quality specifications. Thoro'Bred racing plates and shoes are hot forged and heat treated to meet every requirement in racing or competition.