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Thoro'Bred Aluminum, Silver Queens Fronts

Thoro Bred
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The new Silver Queen was developed as a moderate approach to the Natural Balance Shoe and the World Racing Plate. It has a beveled toe that allows ease of break over to help reduce the strain on muscles, tendons and joints. The Silver Queen has a thicker cross section that creates a better cupping action. More nail holes so that the farrier can choose and alternate the nail pattern from one shoeing to the next to help preserve the integrity of the hoof. The heels are tapered on the inside to reduce the pressure on one of the most sensitive areas. The Silver Queen is basically a front shoe although it can be used on the hind for horses that forge. If a horse requires icing or therapy after exercise it should raise a red flag to consider break over.

Shoeing competition horses for top performance requires experienced farriers who under-stand anatomy and conformation, especially in the legs and hooves. It is extremely important to know where the center of the hoof is in order to place the shoe where the break over point is located.

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All of Thoro'Bred racing plates and competition shoes are made from prime aluminum to military specifications, aircraft grade quality. No secondary material is used in any of their products. They guarantee the finished products to meet those aircraft quality specifications. Thoro'Bred racing plates and shoes are hot forged and heat treated to meet every requirement in racing or competition.