Hoof Marvel Re-Moisturizer

Delta Mustad
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A proven, all-natural hoof re-moisturizer, Hoof Marvel works incredibly fast to restore moisture to dry hooves. Safe for both horse and rider, it is available in a convenient and easy-to-use refillable spray applicator bottle.

Hoof Marvel was originally developed in response to the farrier's need to have a workable hoof when he goes to trim for shoeing in extremely dry conditions. In the dry season, the farrier would typically arrive at the client's ranch or stable to find that the horse he/she was expected to shoe was so dry of foot that the hoof could not be trimmed without crushing or splitting the horn. In many cases, the appointment had to be rescheduled and the client "diplomatically" educated about hoof care using the various fine products available on the market that are designed to retain moisture in the hoof. Some would use a power grinder on the hoof, assuming the horse would tolerate it. Others would tell the client to soak feet in a mud puddle for an hour a couple of times before the rescheduled appointment. In any case, the goal was to get the natural moisture back in the hoof for the sake of the horse and the farrier.

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