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Practical Metal Plate Work

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Oh, I know what you're thinking. "Metal Plate" -- quarter inch and thicker. Wrong! Very wrong! This dude was British. What he was talking about was sheet metal, and how to turn it into something a bit more exciting and, to my way of thinking, more useful than furnace duct work. Chapters include the materials used; geometrical construction of plane figures; geometrical construction and development of solid figures; tool and appliances used; soldering and brazing; tinning, re-tinning, and galvanizing; examples of practical metal plate work; and examples of practical pattern drawing.

Remember this is same man who gave us the incredible book Metal Working - Tools, Materials, and Processes for the Handyman described elsewhere in this catalog. That book provides an excellent chapter on sheet metal, but this provides much more information, much more detail.

160 pages, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 (Paperback)

Item #: BK312

You'll see all the stakes, hammers, punches, groovers, and shears you could want. You'll also see a burring machine (or Jenny), bench standards, tube bend rollers (slip roll), a folding machine (brake), a bottom-closing machine, a paning down machine and much more.

You'll be shown how to make trays and bread pans. If you can do that successfully, you're on your way to building tools boxes of your own design. More difficult is the fabrication of a sauce pan, a ship's ventilator (air scoop), an oval bottom tea kettle and more. Once you have completed these lessons, you should be able to fabricate almost anything. To get from flat sheet metal to a water tight three dimensional container requires a good pattern. You'll be shown all the necessary geometry to lay out the pattern without heavy theory. Another in the Hasluck series of "Work" books. If you work sheet metal, or plan to, this is something to have. Get a copy.