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How I Pour Babbitt Bearings

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Prior to 1940 just about every machine built used Babbitt bearings, and every mechanic was familiar with them. Today things are quite different. Many people get a great deal of satisfaction from restoring old tools, machinery and automobiles that are destined for the scrap yard. A lot of old, heavily built machinery is still available at scrap prices.

43 Pages, 5-1/2 x 8-7/16 (Paperback)

Item #: BK611

Often all that is required to put one of these machines back in working order is cleaning and painting individual parts and re-pouring the Babbitt bearings. This booklet contains the basic information you need to melt and pour, in other words, restore Babbitt bearings. You look over Vince's shoulder as he restores a sawmill arbor to like-new condition. Babbitt is excellent bearing material, and with it you can quickly and easily make low-cost custom bearings for those off-the-wall machine tools you plan to build.