Blacksmith Kit 1 - Beginner

Pieh Tool
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Getting started in blacksmithing and on a tight budget?  Then this kit is for you!  A variety of basics to get you started in the craft.

Kit includes:

20566 Block Brush 1-1/4 in
KV28L Kevlar Knit Glove, Large
BW1 Beeswax Bar, 1 oz
PT4018 Billy Tong-Wolf Jaw, Small
PT4021 Billy Tong-Bolt 3/8
PT4022 Billy Tong-Bolt 1/2
PT4020 Billy Tong-Bolt 1/4
PT4002 Billy Tong-Box Jaw, 3/8 X 3/4
5039020800 Peddinghaus German Cross Pein Hammer, 800 Gr  1.75 lbs
VC000 Pieh Tool Veining Chisel, S7
CP000 Pieh Tool Center Punch, S7
BK206 A Blacksmith Primer Book
DVD9 Leaves and Flowers, DVD Epps
92910-01 Welders Silver Pencil (3 Pack)
WHR W-Brand Shoers Ruler
RB1150 Radians RAD Band Hearing Protection
RV0110ID Radians Revelations Safety Glasses, Clear
PTC-BALB Pieh Tool Blacksmith Tool Apron with buckle belt (14" long)
Item #: B-K1