Blacksmith Kit 2 - Intermediate

Pieh Tool
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Need to start setting up shop?  This kit contains everything from Kit 1 and more! Tong substitutions allowed.

Kit includes:
20566 Block Brush 1-1/4 in
KV28L Kevlar Knit Glove, Large
BW1 Beeswax Bar, 1 oz
PT4018 Billy Tong- Wolf Jaw Tong, Small
PT4021 Billy Tong-Bolt 3/8
PT4022 Billy Tong-Bolt 1/2
PT4020 Billy Tong-Bolt 1/4
PT4002 Billy Tong-Box Jaw, 3/8 X 3/4
5039020800 Peddinghaus German Cross Pein Hammer, 800 Gr  1.75 lbs
VC000 Pieh Tool Veining Chisel, S7
CP000 Pieh Tool Center Punch, S7
BK206 A Blacksmith Primer Book, McDaniel
DVD9 Leaves and Flowers, DVD Epps
92910-01 Welders Silver Pencil (3 Pack)
WHR W-Brand Shoers Ruler with Center at 0
RB1150 Radians RAD Band Hearing Protection
RV0110ID Radians Revelations Safety Glasses, Clear
PTC-BALB Pieh Tool Blacksmith Tool Apron with buckle belt (14" long)
05190 Half Round Pipeliner File
TG4 Wood Rasp Handle, Screw on
5039021000 Peddinghaus German Cross Pein Hammer, 1000 Gr 2.2 lbs
5044031000 Peddinghaus Swedish Cross Pein Hammer, 1000 Gr 2.2 lbs
EP188 Pieh Tool Eye Punch 3/16, S7
PT4012 Billy Tong-Rivet, 3/4
PT4000 Billy Tong-Box Jaw, 1/4 X 3/4
PT4003 Billy Tong-Box Jaw,1/4
PT4024 Billy Tong-Bolt 3/4
PT5091 Billy Tong-Flat Mouth, Closed
PT4042 Billy Tong-Small Scrolling, 14" reins
PTPR12 Pieh Tool Round Protractor, 12"
SSW1 Super Stable Welding Compound, 1 lb
GMSB-A GM Swage Block A, 61 lbs
DVD6 Forged Animal Heads, Epps - DVD
BK68 Iron Menagerie Book
Item #: B-K2