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Blacksmith Craft The Legacy of Francis Whitaker, A - Vol. 1

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This is a revision and expansion sequel to "The Blacksmith Cook Book" by Francis Whitaker.  Francis realized he had not addressed the beginning smith in his first book and that their was so many more things he wished he had put in the first book.  He starts with discussion on lighting a coal fire and expands from there and contains a helpful index, as well. The Blacksmith Craft is a "must have" for blacksmiths of all levels of expertise! A large percentage of the proceeds of this book go to the Francis Whitaker Foundation: helping blacksmiths all over the country.

157 Pages, 8 x 10 (Hard cover), 800 photos and drawings
Item #: BK734
In 1987 Francis Whitaker wrote his first book, “The Blacksmith’s Cookbook.” It quickly became an important reference source for blacksmith’s around the world. As the supply of this small, red book dwindled even though the demand for it continued, Francis decided that rather than reprinting the original text, he would revise and expand it into a compendium that would preserve techniques and processes for blacksmiths of all levels.

This would be no small undertaking at the age of 90-plus years. He acknowledged the enormity of the task and his need for collaboration. He chose a team of blacksmiths: Judy Berger, George Dixon and Tal Harris, and met with them to hammer out the first outline of the new book. George Dixon was designated the main contributor because of his skills as writer and illustrator. Francis wrote: “I have always had the greatest respect for George and his untiring efforts to preserve the art of blacksmithing.” (1999) The gathering and organizing of material, photo and Francisisms fell to Judy Berger and Tal Harris. In the coming months, Francis carefully reviewed, critiqued and approved George’s detailed outline. The book was off to a good start towards the fulfillment of Francis’ dream, his fourth book. This book would present a wealth of blacksmithing information including material not covered in his original “Cookbook.”

Here, finally, is the book containing the many methods and techniques which Francis deemed essential for the mastery of traditional blacksmithing, including the best of “The Blacksmith’s Cookbook.”


Chapter 1: The Blacksmith’s Shop
Chapter 2: Blacksmithing Processes
Chapter 3: Making Hammers, Tongs & Tools
Chapter 4: Joinery
Chapter 5: Forging Blanks & Balls
Chapter 6: The Twisted Bar
Chapter 7: Scrolls
Chapter 8: Quatrefoils
Chapter 9: Animal Heads
Chapter 10: Mechanics of Basic Design & Drawing
Chapter 11: Surface textures, Finishes & Finishing