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Art of Engraving: A Book of Instructions

F. Brownell and Son
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Unlike so many so-called "instruction manuals", The Art of Engraving does not assume you know anything about engraving. You start at the beginning by learning to draw scrolls and layouts, then cut practice plates until you are sure enough of your ability to actually proceed to designing a pattern, transferring it to a gun and cutting it into the steel.

Every gunsmith, gun lover or craftsman - no matter what his other calling - has the soul of an artist. This personal, creative urge can be easily directed into the highly renumerative field of gun engraving through the coaching, no-nonsense instructions and technical support in  Hundreds of original engravings, designs and layouts by the author (plus samples from other master engravers) to explain specific points and techniques. Much of the original work is intended for you to copy and transfer to your own guns to create an engraving job you can be proud of having done.

208 Pages, 9 x 11.5 (Hard cover)

Item #: BK739