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The Universal Patinas were made to go directly onto any metal or the Liquid Metal Coating. However an easy and safe patina technique for ferrous metal or aluminum using the Universal Patinas, is to first apply a metal primer (zinc ‘rustoleum’ type), then apply the Universal Patinas in the colors you want to the primer, next apply a clear sealer. Universal Patinas do not contain acids; they are UV safe, indoor, or outdoor oxides. These patinas may be applied hot or cold to any metal including iron, steel, and aluminum without causing rust.

These Universal Patinas come in a wide range of colors. They bind onto the metal surface, but do not react with the metal. And, the color of the patinas will not change like the traditional patinas. These patinas are designed to be applied cold, although patinas on this chart with an * may be applied hot. They can also be applied directly to iron, steel, and aluminum without causing oxidation to the metal. The metal surface needs to be clean before application. We have numerous unique patina colors that will give you an unlimited variety in your finishes. We have a new Verde patina which looks like a traditional cold green patina. When ordering, please be sure to designate color and size.


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 8 oz 

 32 oz

 Black  UnivBlack-8  UnivBlack-32
 Blue  UnivBlue-8  UnivBlue-32
 Brown  UnivBrown-8  UnivBrown-32
 Burgundy  UnivBurg-8  UnivBurg-32
 Green  UnivGreen-8  UnivGreen-32
 Red  UnivRed-8  UnivRed-32
 Rust  UnivRust-8  UnivRust-32
 Verde Green  UnivVerde-8  UnivVerde-32 
 White  UnivWhite-8  UnivWhite-32
 Yellow  UnivYellow-8  UnivYellow-32