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The solvent dyes are an extremely versatile finishing tool. All of the colors are transparent except the white. The dyes are commonly used to apply color to a difficult material (glass, resin, etc.), change the existing color of a finish, or repair a damaged finish. In addition, the Solvent Dyes may be added to lacquer, wax, epoxy, oils, resin, or any other solvent product. They may be blended to create different shades and diluted using the Dye Thinner.

The Dye Thinner should always be used to dilute solvent dyes because they are very concentrated. When the thinner is added, the dyes will become more transparent. DO NOT substitute with another thinner. This thinner has UV inhibitors, corrosive inhibitors for all metals, and binders that help maintain the integrity of the dyes.

Solvent dyes may be applied over a new or an existing surface treatment. The dyes may be put on over a patina. If you apply a patina and it doesn't look as you wanted it to, just touch it up with the needed dye color. The dye color is permanent and may be applied in any manner (air brush, sponge, brush, etc.). If you have a very porous surface, we also carry a clear primer which may be applied first. It is possible to easily achieve a chemical patina look by only using the dyes or, you can create any other type of coloration from subtle to wild. The dyes also are used to tint epoxies, resins, clear coatings, and waxes or can be used on the surface of glass. When dry, these dyes are permanent with binders to hold them in place. They can be mixed, thinned, overlapped, or multiple coats can be applied to the point where any color or style can be achieved. We have 10 distinct colors and in a variety of sizes.

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 Black  SolvBlk  SolvBlk-8
 Blue  SolvBlu  SolvBlu-8
 Blue-Green  SolvBlGr  SolvBlGr-8 
 Brown  SolvBrw  SolvBrw-8
 Green  SolvGrn  SolvGrn-8 
 Orange  SolvOrg  SolvOrg-8
 Red  SolvRed  SolvRed-8 
 Violet  SolvVlt  SolvVlt-8
 Yellow  SolvYlw  SolvYlw-8