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Descriptive Drawing for Metalwork & Workbook for Descriptive Drawing (2 book set)

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Rudolf Baum

These two books will help both apprentice and expert in a most important part of their work. "The pencil is as important a tool for the blacksmith as his hammer." - Jack Andrews. "Serious practice in freehand drawing is of basic importance." - Max Metzger.  The drawings in these books appear to be three-dimensional; the objects look as though they could be picked up. The realistic effect is the result of simple shading techniques explained in detail in the text, and avoids the drawing of an engineer. The workbook assigns exercises that will require the blacksmith to do his homework: consider the historical style that is pertinent, be compatible with the surroundings, and meet the functional requirements. Answers to exercises are provided. Together the two books will be useful tools in the artist-blacksmith's shop.

8.5 X 11, Book 1: 48 Pages; Book 2: 76 pages; illustrated

Item #: BK758

Rudolf Baum was head of the metalwork department at a state technical school in Hennef, Germany. He prepared these books to provide an introduction to descriptive drawing for both apprentices and advanced artist-blacksmiths. Artist Blacksmithing is a creative process. It begins with an idea which then becomes a mental picture. This must then become a real picture, usually a free-hand drawing, detailed enough to let the beginning smith visualize his idea, determine its size, shape and proportions, and also realistic enough so the experienced smith can present it to his customer, and use it as a basis for a dimensioned shop drawing.