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Backyard Blacksmith - Traditional Techniques for the Modern Smith, The

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The Backyard Blacksmith takes the mystery out of blacksmithing, but not the magic... There is an increasing interest and revival in the art of blacksmithing as a hobby and art, and both men and women are becoming at-home blacksmiths. Blacksmithing is a simple, rewarding craft anyone can enjoy in their backyard or home workshop-even beginners can produce useful and beautiful projects on their first try. This book is easy to read! The photos are excellent.

184 Pages, 8 x 10 (Paperback), 250 photos/illustrations

Item #: BK763

The Backyard Blacksmith shows you how--with some patience and a working knowledge of metals, basic tools, and techniques--blacksmithing can be easy to learn, and a rewarding hobby. Through instructions and illustrations, readers will learn to make simple tools and useful items, such as nails, hinges, and handles, and also an interesting mix of artful projects, such letter openers, door knockers and botanical ornaments. Detailed step-by-step full color exercises teach all the universal skills and techniques used to forge iron; it's like having a master blacksmith by your side. Providesn the reader with an understanding of the properties and characteristics of forging hot metal, making the craft accessible to those without previous experience. Over 20 beautiful and function projects organized by difficulty level allow new blacksmiths to progressive at their own pace and master the skills they learned in earlier chapters. Lorelei Sims is a blacksmith and metalworking artist, and the owner of Five Points Blacksmith Shop in Charleston, Illinois. For examples of her work, see her website: