Borium Medium - Flux coated

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Flux coated borium for traction on horseshoes. 

Carbraze is made of tungsten carbide particles in a matrix of extremely strong nickel-copper alloy. Carbraze has a lower melting point than Borium, and makes it possible to utilize a larger piece of tungsten-carbide. The flux is on the tube and tins as you go along. 2 rods per pound Carbraze can be applied in the gas forge.

60% Carbide Medium 6-10

Item #: BORM

Borium is used by horseshoers to add traction and extend the wear on horseshoes. It is a substance (metal) that is harder than steel, aluminum, and the road surfaces. It grips the road and keeps a horse from slipping around.  We offer it in fine, medium and course with a flux coating.