Hoof Shield, 8 oz

Delta Mustad
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Hoof Shield is an all-natural hoof sealant formulated to maintain the natural moisture level of the hoof. It forms a barrier to prevent brittle cracking in hot, dry conditions and soft, mushy hooves in wet conditions. Hoof Shield also fills old nail holes, which can prevent fungus from entering the hoof wall, while providing a show-ring shine. Multiple layers of Hoof Shield provide an even deeper cosmetic appearance. Temporarily replacing periople.

Directions: Apply to clean, dry hoof wall below coronary band to ground surface. Do not apply to the coronary band. Allow 5 minutes drying time. Apply weekly for best results.

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Will Hoof Shield dry out the hoof?
No. Hoof Shield will seal in the natural moisture of the hoof and protect it from the elements.

Do I have to wait a long time for Hoof Shield to dry?
No, most farriers, horse owners, and trainers just paint it on and go.

Is it harmful if it gets on my skin?
No. The main ingredients are resin, pine fragrance and alcohol as the evaporative agent. It may be sticky on your skin, but will leave a nice shine on your nails.

Can I use it with Crossapol?
Yes you can. We do suggest that you use Crossapol first, and then paint on Hoof Shield.