Blacksmithing Techniques & Projects


Blacksmiths Craft, The

Classic Wrought Ironwork Patterns and Designs

Classical Techniques of Hand Forged Iron

Coal Heat

Complete Metalsmith - Professional Edition, The

Complete Modern Blacksmith

Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork

Descriptive Drawing for Metalwork & Workbook for Descriptive Drawing (2 book set)


Digital Temperature Control for the Blacksmith Forge

Elementary Forge Practice

Engraving Metals

Forgecraft - CP Crowe

Forged Architectural Metalwork

Hand Forging and Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work


Handbook for Ironmongers: A Glossary of Ferrous Metallurgy Terms

Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware and Blacksmiths Supplies

How to Build a Blacksmith Firepot


How to Build a Full Size Coal Forge from Commonly Available Metal

How to Forge Weld on a Blacksmith's Anvil

How to Make a Blacksmith's Bellows