Egg Bar Shoes

Egg Bar shoes provide extra heel support for sore horses and offer added performance and stamina.

Recently egg bar shoes have become recognized, as being not only a corrective shoe, but with wide acceptance as being a preventative option.  The shoe aids horses from falling prey to a host of physical structural problems. This view of the egg bar shoe has been acknowledged by veterinarians, farriers, trainers, judges and horse owners alike.

The majority of egg bar shoes are for treating underslung heels. However, a number of sport horses are shod with egg bars for preventative shoeing purposes.  The egg bar shoe should only be applied by an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled farrier.


Mustad Egg Bar (formerly Delta) Horseshoes


Mustad Quarter Clip Egg Bar (formerly Delta) Horseshoes


SX7 Egg Bar Front, Quarter Clipped


SX8 Egg Bar Front, Quarter Clipped


SX8 Egg Bar Hind, Quarter Clipped


Vulcan Egg Bar, Clipped


Werkman Quarter Clip Egg Bar


SX8 Heart Bar Front, Quarter Clipped


Vulcan Heart Bar, Clipped


SX8 Straight Bar Front, Quarter Clipped


Vulcan Straight Bar, Clipped