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Sanding Belts

More belts available on request by special order. 

Aluminum oxide belts are resin bonded, and have tear and break resistant joints. They are excellent on all metals and hard woods.  Aluminum oxide Y-Weight have a special coated backing which provides high performance for washable belts. They are great for hard and soft woods and soft metals.

Aluminum oxide J-Weight premium cotton belts are flexible enough for most contour surfaces. They are made of Egyptian cotton which allows the belt to last longer. The premium heat treated grain allows sharper cutting and more consistent finishes. Great on non-ferrous metals,such as aluminum and brass, hard woods, and plastics. 

Silicon carbide waterproof  Y-Weight polyester belts are designed for the heavy duty, more abusive applications. They are 100% waterproof and are sharp cutting. They are used on non-ferrous metals, marble, plastic, glass, rubber and fiberglass.

Zirconia alumina belts are resin bonded and closed coated. They are aggressive and self sharpening. They are excellent on stainless and other tough metals. Zirconia alumina plus belts have a grinding aid for a cooler cut and faster stock removal on stainless steel.