Easyboot Glove, Soft

A Revolutionary Hoof Boot Design

This form-fitting, seamless boot hugs the hoof and responds like a natural foot. Flexible and tough, Glove and Glove Wide have an aggressive tread pattern and still allow free stride and break over.

Fits Like a Glove

Like a glove, this boot provides protection without stifling mobility. The Easyboot Glove material stretches over the hoof and clings to the hoof wall so debris stays out of the boot, even in sandy or muddy conditions. There is no external hardware so there is no need to worry about replacing cables or buckles. Studs are available separately for winter riding.

The Glove must be carefully sized and fitted to the hoof. If you believe you measured correctly, but the boot does not fit tightly, try a smaller size or choose an alternative boot from the EasyCare line. A Fit Kit will ensure getting the right size and model of Glove.

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The Easyboot Glove Soft is based on the former best-selling form-fitting boot, the Easyboot Glove. This boot has a new and improved soft elastic gaiter. Like a glove, the boot hugs the hoof and responds like a natural foot. It fits like a second skin and doesn't add bulk, width or hinder mobility.

No external hardware means that there is no need to worry about grass or sticks getting caught in the boots. And because the material stretches over the hoof and clings to the wall, debris stays out of the boot even through sandy and muddy conditions. The elastic cap at the rear of the gaiter fits the contours of the heel bulb while offering generous proportions of stretch and strength. "Power Straps" are recommended for aggressive riding, hilly terrain and muddy conditions (sold separately).

A Fit Kit is recommended to determine proper sizing for the Easyboot Glove Soft.

Easyboot Glove Fit Kit Rental

Easyboot Glove, Soft

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This boot has a new and improved soft elastic gaiter. It is  available in  sizes 00 through 4.

Item #: EBDGL.S-00, EBDGL-S00.5, EBDGLS-0, EBDGL-0.5, EBDGL.S-1, EBDGL.S-1.5, EBDGL-2, EBDGLS-2.5, EBDGL.S-3, EBDGL.S-3.5, EBDGL.S-4

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Easyboot Glove, Soft

Introduction to a revolutionary riding boot

Application & Removal

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How to Properly Measure Your Horse's Hoof

We cannot over stress the importance of resizing! You wouldn't go for a jog in ill-fitting sneakers, so why would you expect your horse to do the same?

  1. After a fresh trim, measure the width of the hoof across the bottom at the widest point.
  2. Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. The buttress line is the farthest weight bearing point of the heel where the hoof wall ends. Do not include the heel bulbs in the measurement.
  3. Compare your measurement with the appropriate size chart.
  4. Ideally, the length and width measurement will fit into the same size. If the length and width measurements indicate different sizes, select the larger size. If the width and length measurements are different by more than one size, your selected boot style is not recommended.*