SHUFILL Silicone

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  • Description

  • From Soft to Firm but cushioned support pad material in four Shores Hardness: A10 (Blueberry) – A20 (Lime) - A30 (Grape) - A40 (Banana).
  • Offers protection and support for the sole structures of the foot.
  • Effective component in treatment packages for laminitis, navicular disease & syndrome, contracted heels & much more.
  • Usage of EDSS Perforated Pads, meshes or solid pads is recommended.
  • Glue-U Z11 Dispenser Gun or Standard Size Caulking Gun needed to dispense the material
  • Set time 2 minutes, depending on weather conditions (temperature & humidity might have effect on the performance of this product). 

Additional Products

- *Z25 Silicone Mixing tips (Sold in Bag of 10)

- *Z11 Glue-U Gun or use a standard caulking gun

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Item #: GU-DG1528, GU-MT250, GU-S251B, GU-S252G, GU-S253P, GU-S254Y