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Hoof Care Today

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Hoof Care Today is a helpful tool for anyone looking for solutions to unsound horses, for horse owners interested in  hoof care, or for people looking at starting a career as a hoof care provider.  This book covers a basic, common sense approach to understanding good foot function, how to read hoof distortions that can lead to lameness, basic trimming & shoeing guidelines, and an introduction to common lameness issues.  Like its predecessor “New Hope for Soundness”, this edition offers a quality foundation for understanding hoof care, without all the fluff.  Straight forward, practical, common sense hoof care! 

Table of Contents

Reference Appendix

  - General Hoof Structures

  - Hoof References - Illustrations/Definitions

  - Introduction

Chapter 1: Wild Horse Research Project

Chapter 2: How to Recognize Hoof Distortions

Chapter 3: Basic Barefoot Trimming

Chapter 4: Basic Shoeing Protocol

Chapter 5: Common Lameness Issues

Chapter 6: Conclusions & Guidance

Additional Resources Provide by the E.L.P.O.

  - Hoof Mapping Protocol

  - Locating the Dimple in the Back of the Foot

  - E.L.P.O. Hoof Distortion Evaluation Protocol

72 pages (Paperback)

Item #: BK525

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